06 November 2006

LM3886 Chip Amplifier (gainclone)

LM3886 ChipAmp (gainclone)Originally Posted: 3 May 2006

After several months of planning and acquiring parts, I finally got down to constructing a chip amp (gainclone). The amp uses the National Semiconductor LM3886 chip with printed circuit boards (PCB) purchased from chipamp.com. I finished the amp late last night, so I only have about 3 hours on it and I don’t think it is burnt in. So far it sounds pretty good. It sounds much better than it should given the simplicity and low cost of this amp. There is a lot of power available and the bottom end is very good. It sounds a little bright and tinny to me right now, but I will reserve judgment and make a comparison to my S-5 Electronics K-12M tube amplifier kit after several more hours. More information about this project is available at the LM3886 Chip Amp (gainclone) project page.

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