18 December 2006

Nanoo Chip Amplifier (LM3875 Gainclone)

Here is another one of Mark's projects which has been added to DIY Audio Projects website. His latest creation is the compact DIY Nanoo Chip Amplifier (LM3875 Gainclone).

Nanoo Chip Amplifier (LM3875 Gainclone)
The enclosure for the amplifier is a tiny aluminum box that measures 119 X 94 X 34 mm. The amplifier is based around the popular LM3875 chip using point-to-point wiring. Power to the amplifier is provided via an external power supply which is also housed in an aluminum enclosure.

See the project page for more pictures and information about the Nanoo Chip Amplifier (LM3875 Gainclone) Project.

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