06 November 2006

Fostex FE127E Sealed Bi-pole

Originally Posted: 13 June 2006
DIY Fostex FE127E Sealed Bipole Speaker Project
Another set of DIY full-range speakers! The small fellows in the picture are a pair of 23L sealed bi-poles speakers using the Fostex FE127E driver and built with MDF. Many thanks go out to Mark from mach5audio.com who did most of the woodworking. The wife pleaser in the middle is an experiment of his ... A 20" subwoofer in an open baffle! The test setup was a Luxman preamp, Behringer DCX and Luxman power amp. Cross over points between 80 and 120Hz were tested with 90-100Hz working well with the 20" open baffle sub. It was tough trying to place the speakers as we found the 20" sub was often in the way of the music, but we did manage to get it set up nicely. We were very pleased with the initial results and are expecting even better performance with a tube amp.

Overall, I am very pleased with the results from this very simple project. More information about this project and an enclosure plan is available on the DIY Fostex FE127E Sealed Bipole Speaker Project page.

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