09 February 2010

Single-Ended 6L6 / 5881 Tube Amp

Mr. Chey from Thailand has put together one fine looking tube amplifier. The enclosure is built up using hand cut aluminum sections and aluminum sheets. The audio output transformer covers have been built using copper clad board and the artwork on the covers is the Decepticon logo from the Transformers. Using copper clad board allows the covers to be grounded and used to shield the output transformers.

Single-Ended (SE) 6L6 / 6L6GC / 5881 Valve Amp

The circuit is very simple, a cutoff pentode (6SJ7 or 6SD7) is used to drive a beam power pentode (6L6 or 5881) in a single-ended circuit. The power supply is solid state with a regulated DC supply used for the tube heaters. Using AC for the heaters would further simply this build.

The 9-pin miniture tube you see in the photos is actually not connected at the time being. The builder installed an extra tube location so that he can experiment with an additional voltage gain stage or a different driver tube at a later date.

For full details on this tube amplifier project, see the DIY 6L6 / 5881 Single-Ended (SE) Tube Amplifier project page.

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  1. electronics store8:21 PM, March 04, 2010

    I'm curious, were the Deceptocan cases custom made for this project? For a DIY this is very impressive.

  2. See the third sentence in this post and there are more details including photos of the transformer covers in the main article.

  3. How many Watts per channel does this put out? Also is there any data on what type of transformers were used? Didn't know if it would be easy to just puck up standard Edcor ones to use.

  4. A single-ended 6L6 will deliver about 6W of usable power and about 10W max.

  5. Can you post the B+ voltage for the plate and cathode for each tube? Also can I do away with R2 and connect pin 4 on the 6L6 to o/p transformer screen tap?

  6. hi!
    i'm looking to build myself a hifi stereo amp. this would be my first tube project, soo i'm looking for a simple designe. is there somewhere we can find schematics for this amp?

  7. The single 9 pin tube inthe center... where is it on the schematic?