25 January 2007

Another K-12M Tube Amp

Since building a S-5 Electronics K-12M Tube Amplifier Kit, I have received several emails with questions and comments about this inexpensive tube amplifier. Well, Bruce has also built one of these popular and inexpensive Tube Amplifier Kits. In addition to finishing the simple kit, Bruce has completed a number of Modifications for the S-5 Electronics K-12M Tube Amp Kit. His modifications include many of VoltSecond's mods, new input and coupling caps, a beefed up power supply and upgraded output transformers wired in Ultra Linear (UL) Mode.

S-5 Electronics K-12 Tube Amp Kit
For more information and pictures of Bruce's experience with this kit, see his project page, More Modifications for the S-5 Electronics K-12M Tube Amplifier Kit.

For additional information about these and other inexpensive vacuum tube kits, see: S-5 Electronics K-8LS, K-12 and K-16 Tube Amplifier Kits.

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  1. Hi everyone. Just did Bruce's Auricap mod. What a difference! The Delsol speakers really sound much livelier. Bass is much more punchy now and midrange & higher have greater clarity. I was too chicken to drill through my pcb, so I just attached the ends to thinner guage wire. Then mounted them to the board. Not as neat as Bruce's method but it works.


  2. Barry, great stuff. A good part of the fun with these kits is tweaking to get the most out of them. Here is a link to Barry's K-502 Tube Amplifier Kit & DelSol Speaker projects.