25 February 2008

Fostex FX120 Bass Reflex Speakers

A few months back I posted some pictures and comments about the new great looking curved speaker cabinets from Parts Express. The cabinet I ordered are 0.38 ft3 and have a black piano gloss finish.

Having built a couple pairs of speakers using inexpensive fullrange Fostex drivers, I really wanted to hear what more expensive fullrange drivers sound like. So I ordered up a pair of Fostex FX120 fullrange drivers.

For the enclosure, I decided to try a simple bass reflex cabinet tuned to about 63 Hz. The dimensions and tuning is very similar to that recommended by Fostex. The results are pretty good (both looks and sound). The FX120 is a very smooth and detailed driver and I prefer over the Fostex FE127E driver (which is very good considering the low cost).

In a small sized room the speakers deliver decent bass extension and it also blends in well with a subwoofer. The FX120 has great sonics and a fantastic midrange. The relatively small bookshelf speaker also work great as near field monitors.

For more information about this DIY speaker project see the project page, Fostex FX120 Bass Reflex Bookshelf Speakers.

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