12 January 2008

DIY 8W Class A Amplifier

Dan in Australia has put together a great looking Class A amplifier. The circuitry of the amplifier is based on the popular article "Le Monstre" by Jean Hiraga which appeared in Issues 27, 29 and 31 of the French Magazine l'Audiophile.

Dan used the board layout, transistors and JFETs documented in the articles. However, instead of using a capacitor bank and battery setup, this amplifier uses regulated power supply.

The photograph below shows an early version of the amplifier.

Jean Hiraga The Monster DIY Class A Amplifier Project
Dan later added additional capacitance and rearanged the wiring as shown in the photo below.

Jean Hiraga Le Monstre DIY Class A Amplifier Project
Dan reports that he is very pleased with the sonic performance from this amplifier. For additional information about this amplifier project, see Jean Hiraga's Le Monstre - DIY Class A Amplifier Project.

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