29 February 2008

Fostex FE127E DIY Bass Reflex Speakers

Peter in Australia has put together a nice looking pair of DIY speakers. The speakers are a fullrange (single driver) design in a 12.5L bookshelf sized enclosure. The enclosure design is a simple bass reflex cabinet using the Fostex FE127E fullrange speaker drivers (shown below).

Fostex FE127E Fullrange Speaker
The DIY speaker cabinets are constructed using MDF and finished with a real wood veneer. The speakers can be run fullrnage or through a Baffle Step Compensation Circuit. Peter reports that these relatively small speakers work well in small to medium sized rooms and have very special sonics which can bring out spectacular mids.

Fostex FE127E DIY Bass Reflex Speakers
For additional information, pictures and the speaker cabinet design, see Fostex FE127E DIY Bass Reflex Bookshelf Speakers.

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