22 April 2014

Elekit TU-8200 Tube Amplifier Kit (SE 6L6)

Over the past several years I have been enjoying an Elekit TU-879S Stereo Tube Amplifier Kit paired up along side of Fostex FE206E high sensitivity speaker drivers in Dallas rear-loaded horn enclosures.  I put a number of hours on the Elekit TU-879S, enough to fully consume the stock EH 6L6 tubes and to cycle through a number of power tube sets before deciding on JJ EL34 blue glass tubes.  Throughout this time the Elekit TU-879S amplifier has been reliable and a good performer sonically so it was disappointing to hear that the popular TU-879S tube amp kit had been discontinued. 

Elekit TU-879S with Fostex FE206E Rear-Loaded Horn Speakers
Elekit TU-879S with Fostex FE206E Rear-Loaded Horn Speakers

However, there is good news - the follow-up tube amplifier kit to the Elekit TU-879S, the Elekit TU-8200 is now available from TubeDepot (USA) and VK Music (Canada).  The renowned Elekit designer, Mr. Fujita, has gone back to the drawing board to design a superior tube amplifier kit from top to bottom. The Elekit TU-8200 will allow the kit builder to enjoy fine tube audio sound in just a few evenings.

Elekit TU-8200 - 6L6 Tube Amplifier Kit - Parts
Parts - Elekit TU-8200 Tube Amp Kit

Some of the improvements over the Elekit TU-879S tube amplifier kit include:
  • Three Selectable output modes - Ultra-linear, Triode, or Pentode by changing a jumper on PCB.
  • TU-8200 kit ships with a R-core power transformer that supports 100V, 115V, 200V, and 230V mains. 
  • Improvements to the audio and power supply circuitry.
  • Headphone output.
  • Optional Elekit PS-3249 DAC to decode audio from computer USB source.
The Elekit TU-8200 tube amplifier kit ships with Electro-Harmonix 6L6GC power tubes, but will also accept a wide range of other power tubes such as 6CA7, EL34, KT66, KT77, KT88, 6550 (and more) with no modifications and no need to re-bias.

Elekit TU-8200 - 6L6 Tube Amplifier Kit - Rear
Elekit TU-8200 - 6L6 Tube Amplifier Kit - Rear

Elekit TU-8200 Main Specifications
  • 2 X 12AU7, 2 X 6L6GC (can also use 6CA7, EL34, KT66, KT77, KT88, 6550)
  • Output Modes: Ultra-linear, Pentode or Triode mode
  • 6L6GC (Ultra Linear) 8W + 8W  (8 ohms)
  • 6L6GC (Pentode) 8.2W + 8.2W  (8 ohms)
  • 6L6GC (Triode) 4W + 4W  (8 ohms) 
  • Speaker Impedance: 4-6.3 ohm and 8-16 ohm
  • Headphone: Standard jack (6.4mm DIA)
  • Power Consumption: 60W (with 6L6GC)
  • Weight: 14.55lbs (6.6 kg)
  • Dimensions: Width 9.92" (252mm) x Height 6.22" (158mm) x Depth 11.22" (285mm)
The new Elekit TU-8200 tube amplifier kit looks quite tempting.  What I liked most about the TU-879S tube amplifier was the seemingly endless amount of tube combinations that were possible.  With the TU-8200 tube amp kit and the ability to select between Ultra-linear, Pentode or Triode output modes, the number of possible tube combinations are endless.  We are planning to take a closer look at one of the Elekit TU-8200 tube amp kits soon so please stay tuned for more updates.

Elekit TU-8200 - 6L6 Tube Amplifier Kit
Elekit TU-8200 - 6L6 Tube Amplifier Kit

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