28 March 2010

Salon Son & Image 2010 Coverage - 2/3

For the DIY Audio enthusiasts (like myself), Solen Electronique (www.solen.ca) from the Montreal area and AUDIYO (www.audiyo.com) from Toronto were in attendance at the show.

I was hoping that Solen would have the new Fostex FE-En series full-range drivers on display, but I was out of luck. Solen did however have a large display of drivers, subwoofer and active monitor amplifiers as well as their own air core inductors and film capacitors on display.

Solen Drivers

Solen Crossover Parts

Solen's room featured a DIY pair of Ananya speakers. The Ananya is a two-way floor standing speaker in a D'Appolito Onken enclosure. The two-way towers use Serbian made RAAL 140-15D ribbon tweeters and the woofers are the Scan-Speak 18W/8531G00 Revelators. The crossover is a third-order Butterworth at 1.6kHz with zobel and L-pad. Denis Ouellet, President of Solen proudly went over the DIY Ananya speakers which were finished in a purple heart wood with me.

Solen Ananya DIY 2-way Speaker Kit

The crossover was external to the enclosure and featured Solen Inductors and Capacitors, and metal oxide resistors.

Solen Ananya DIY Speaker Crossover Kit

The frequency response for the DIY Ananya speakers is specified at 32Hz to 60kHz with an efficiency of 93dB 1W/1m. The Ananya speakers delivered full and accurate bass response, a very wide soundstage and an accurate image. They were quite the pleasure to listen to. The driver and cross-over parts run just shy of $2600CDN for a pair of speakers. For those looking to tackle this projects, enclosure plans and crossover details for the the DIY Ananya speakers are available for free from the Solen website.

AUDIYO shared two rooms with Audio Sensibility, Excel Stereo and Acoustic Technologies. For the DIYer they had parts and upgrade kits from DACT, TentLabs, 1877Phono, Mundorf, Furutech and Xsymphony.

DACT DIY Audio Products

TentLabs DIY Audio Products

1877Phono DIY Audio Products

My show favorites will follow tomorrow.

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