29 September 2009

OddWatt Tube Amp Kits now at TubeDepot

Update (30 November 2009) - see our review of the DIY KT88 Push-Pull Monoblock Tube Amp Kits.

Bruce and Rodney from OddWattAudio.com sent us an email to let us know that their OddBlock tube amplifier kits are now also available from TubeDepot for $599 (September 2009).

From the TubeDepot OddBlock kit page:
The OddWatt ODDBLOCK amplifier kits... great sounding amps at an affordable price. These all tube, single channel, class "A" amplifier kits are designed to be big in performance without breaking the bank.
Running in pure class "A" operation, and utilizing a constant current source circuit embedded in the Ultra-Linear output stage, once built these amps will comfortably provide the lowest noise, lowest distortion with maximum musical bandwidth. Thus allowing you, the listener to enjoy the music free of interference from the equipment. Hear more of the music and less of the gear.
Each kit comes with a matched pair of JJ KT77 and 1 JAN 5751.

OddBlock KT77 Tube Amp Kit Parts

OddBlock KT77 Tube Amp Kit
As can be seen from the photos, this is a complete tube amplifier kit which include a nice powder coated enclosure. For those of you with pets or small children, the enclosure also includes a removable vented top to keep those little paws and hands away from the hot vacuum tubes.

OddBlock KT77 Tube Amp Cover
I put together a pair of the OddBlock kits and have been enjoying them for about a month now. The tube compliment on my set is JAN 5751 and Genalex - Gold Lion KT88. I'll get more details of my kit build posted in the near future.

Link to the kits: 5751/KT77 OddBlocks @ TubeDepot

DIY OddWatt Amplifier Projects

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