05 September 2009

High-End Audiophile Headphone Amplifier

Kelvyn Shaw in the UK sent us a note with a link to his latest DIY Audio Project - a High-End Headphone Amplifier. The headphone amp is made using only premium components and built around the National Semiconductor LME49710 high-performance Hi-Fi operational amplifier which is noted as costing 20 times more than your typical op-amp.

DIY High-End Headphone Amplifier PCB
LME49710 Headphone Amplifier
Kelvyn notes that the amplifier "Uses only the finest audiophile quality components that have been carefully selected with no expense spared". Power is supplied through a regulated dual rail power supply using a low noise toroidal transformer. The amplifier is housed in a black anodized aluminum enclosure with a heavy duty clear anodized aluminum front panel. An Alps Blue Velvet potentiometer is used for the volume control.
DIY High-End Headphone Amplifier
LME49710 Headphone Amplifier
DIY Audiophile Headphone Amplifier
Finished LME49710 Headphone Amplifier
From the BOM, the cost of the headphone amplifier is about £163 which is about $265US (4 Sept 2009). This is an advanced DIY project but for those who are are to the challenge, all the necessary information (schematic, BOM, PCB gerber data and enclosure panel drawings) to build one for yourself is available from Kelvyn's website KS Projects - Headphone Amplifier along with several construction photos. Nice work and enjoy your headamp.

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