19 May 2009

DIY Hi-Fi Cable Projects

We have added a few new DIY Hi-Fi Audio Cable Projects to the main website.  Here is a quick summary of the new cable projects.
Belden 89259 RCA Interconnect Cables
Belden 89259 Interconnect Cables

DIY RCA Interconnect Cables with Belden 89259 Coax
A couple of weeks back we added detailed instructions that were put together by our friends at auDIYo.com to construct the popular Belden 89259 line-level RCA interconnect cable design by Jon Risch. The cables are a simple unbalanced RCA interconnect cable design that uses the high-quality and low capacitance Belden 89259 coaxial cable. Through the use of TechFlex
Expandable Sleeving, shrink wrap and good male RCA plugs, a novice can put together a very nice looking set of Hi-Fi interconnect cables that will deliver the performance and not set you back a few hundred dollars. For full details, see the Belden 89259 DIY RCA Interconnect Cable project page. The photo below are DIY Belden 89259 RCA Cables put together by Paul from Kent, UK. Click the image to enlarge.

Cross-Connected Belden 89259 DIY Hi-Fi Speaker Cables
Using the same Belden 89259 coaxial cable as in the project above, step-by-step Instructions are also available outlining the construction of Cross-Connected Belden 89259 DIY Speaker Cables.  The cross-connected speaker wire design is also by Jon Risch.  For full instructions outlining the assembly process, see the Cross-Connected Belden 89259 DIY Hi-Fi Speaker Cables project page.

DIY Low-Inductance Speaker Cables
We have also added instructions to construct simple DIY low-inductance speaker cables. Adam has put together these fine looking speaker cables for his DIY 3-Way Hi-Vi Tower Loudspeakers. The cables are very simple to construct and consist of plain 16 gauge wire that is twisted together in alternating directions. The alternating cable geometry results in a speaker cable that has a very low-inductance and the equivalent wire gauge 10 and thus the cable resistance is also low. For that Hi-Fi finish, Adam uses a set of high-quality gold plated banana plugs, TechFlex Expandable Sleeving and a custom laser etched decorative oak sleeve. The results are a sharp looking speaker cable that rivals the performance of commercial speaker cables at a fraction of the cost. For full instructions, see the Low-Inductance DIY Speaker Cable

Low-Inductance DIY Speaker Cables
DIY Low-Inductance Speaker Cables

More DIY Cable Projects
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