10 December 2007

Ready Made Curved Speaker Enclosures

If you are like me and lack the wood working skills, tools or workspace to build a fine looking pair of speaker enclosures, there is some hope.  Buy some pre-made made enclosures and all you will need is a drill and a hole saw. 

Dayton 0.38 ft³ Pre-made 2-Way Curved Cabinet in Gloss Black
As I want to try another fullrange speaker project over the Christmas holidays, and I don't have the skills or time to build nice looking enclosures, I am going to try out a ready made Dayton 0.38 ft³ Curved Cabinet finished in Gloss Black from Parts Express.

Dayton Ready-made DIY Curved Speaker Cabinet
The ready made speaker cabinet has a great black high gloss piano like finish.  The baffle is 1" MDF and removable.  The grill is secured to the baffle by magnets in line with the machine screws that hold the baffle in place.

Dayton Ready-made DIY Curved Speaker Box
The enclosure is constructed out of 3/4" MDF side and back panels with a 3/4" MDF brace running vertically up the sides and across the top and bottom. The overall dimensions are 14" H x (8" Front, 4.5" Back) W x 11.3" D.  With quality ready made cabinets like this, a finished DIY speaker should only be a few holes away! Somehow, I know it won't be that simple! :)  

LINK - Dayton 0.38 ft³ Curved Cabinet finished in Gloss Black from Parts Express.

UPDATE - 24 March 2008
The cabinets shown above were used to make a pair for Fostex FX120 Bookshelf speakers.  I liked the curved PE cabinets so much I just had to purchase another pair. This time, I opted for the 0.25 ft3 cabinets in a Maple finish. The plan is to house Jordan JX92S Fullrange drivers in the curved maple speaker cabinets.

Dayton 0.25 ft³ Pre-made Curved Maple DIY Speaker Cabinets
LINK - Dayton Audio Pre-made 0.25 cu. ft speaker cabinets with Maple finish 

DIY Bookshelf Speaker Projects using the Dayton Curved Speaker Cabinets:

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