08 November 2008

6T9 Compactron Push-Pull Tube Amp

Steve has sent us details on his latest vacuum tube amplifier project.

6T9 Compactron Push-Pull Tube Amp
Steve tells us that this great looking vacuum tube amplifier project was inspired by the Spare Time Gizmo single-ended 6T9 tube amp kit from 2004. The circuit ideas for the push-pull output stage came from his EICO HF-81 and RCA Receiving Tube Manual. The preamp stage uses 12AX7A tubes.

6T9 Push-Pull Tube Amp Point-to-Point p2p
All of the connections are point-to-point. For the enclosure, the combination wood and brass chassis consists of a small sheet of brass and Poplar wood. The brass sheet was polished to a shine and the Poplar wood stained with Minwax Red Mahogany stain and finished with an Amber Shellac.

Steve is very impressed with the performance of this tube amp. He notes that there is plenty of gain and a nice rich sound.

For full information about this project, see the 6T9 Push-Pull Amplifier Project page.

Great work Steve!

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  1. great looking tube amp. thanks for sharing you work.