28 July 2008

DIY 6T9 Tube Amplifier Project

Mark Houston in Australia has put together a compact 6T9 single-ended tube amplifier. The 6T9 is part of the GE compactron vacuum tube family and is a high-Mu triode and power pentode in one bottle. The amplifier and power supply is contained on a PCB which was purchased from Spare Time Gizmos.

6T9 Tube Amplifier PCB
Top keep costs down, the tube amplifier was built into a thin and inexpensive cooking pan. A Hammond power transformer was used along with Edcor audio output transformers.

DIY 6T9 Vacuum Tube / Valve Amp
The power output of this small amplifier is limited (about 4.5W max), so efficient loudspeakers are required. Mark is reporting good sonic results from this simple tube amp when matched a pair of Fostex FE167E bass reflex speakers. For more information, schematics, measurements and photos, see the 6T9 Tube Amplifier Project page.

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