12 November 2011

Knock-Down Birch Speaker Cabinets

Speaker building is a lot of fun and there are many who would love to try it out but can't due to some common woodworking hurdles.  You may not have the space, tools or skills necessary to build a good loudspeaker enclosure.  For others sawdust or climate (winter) could be the problem.  Fortunately there are some great solutions that can eliminate much of the woodworking necessary to build a speaker box.  For a number of years Dayton Audio has been producing pre-made speaker enclosures like the Dayton pre-made curved speaker cabinets which make it real simple to put together a great looking finished speaker.  Perhaps the only downside to the great looking ready-made cabinets is that they eliminate too much DIY and they are bulky to ship.

Enter these great Knock-Down Birch Cabinets from Parts Express.  The cabinets are CNC-cut and made from seven-ply, 1/2" birch panels.  The cabinets have dadoed top, bottom, sides and braces to maximize the gluing surface.  The knock-down speaker cabinets are unfinished leaving you with many different finishing options.

Knock-Down Birch Speaker Cabinets
Shown in the photo above is the Knock-Down Birch 5.1 Home Theater Cabinet Package and a Knock-Down Birch 0.60 cu ft Monitor Cabinet.  The YouTube video below shows just how simple it is to put together the knock-down birch speaker cabinets.

With the CNC birch knock-down cabinets it is easy even for the beginner to end up with amazing finished results without the need for expensive tools or access to a woodshop.  There are a number of cabinet sizes to choose from.  See the Knock-Down Birch Cabinets for a full selection.

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  1. I've been looking for somewhere to get ready made cabinets for a while now. Thanks!