12 April 2011

How to Solder - Comic Book Guide

There are a number of great soldering tutorials already available via the internet in the form of videos and webpages and today I came across another great soldering guide - this one packaged in a comic book format (see below for PDF download link).

The great new seven page comic book guide about how to solder has been put together by Mitch Altman (Cornfield Electronics) , Andie Nordgren and Jeff Keyzer (Mighty Ohm).  The comic book guide is based on the popular one-page soldering guide below that Andie and Mitch made last year. (Click image to enlarge)

The Soldering Is Easy comic book guide is easy to follow and informative.  The guide is published under a Creative Commons License and the link to the PDF version of the soldering guide is below.

Soldering Is Easy - Here's How To Do It


  1. Great, i ve done basic soldering before but this two images gave +15 to my expiriance;)

  2. The leads have to be cut BEFORE soldering!