19 June 2010

New Hammond Chassis with Walnut Side Panels

Last week in the DIY Audio, Hi-Fi and Music Roundup #1 we noted that Hammond Manufacturing had introduced a new line of steel and aluminum enclosures with Walnut sides. From the stock photos, the enclosures looked great and I was itching to get my hands on a couple of the new enclosures for a Millet Uniamp build that I will be starting soon. On Monday I ordered a couple of the Hammond 1444-32CWW aluminum chassis for the Uniamp builds and I also ordered a 1441-16BK3CWW painted steel chassis to get a look at the painted finish.

The chassis were purchased from the local Hammond supplier in town, Tip Top Electronics. The
1444-32CWW aluminum chassis were $76CAD and the 1441-16BK3CWW painted steel chassis was $55CAD. It would be safe to assume that prices will vary from different suppliers.

Hammond 1444 CWW Aluminum Chassis with Walnut Side Panels
The new Hammond 1444 CWW chassis are essentially the same as the plain 1444 series aluminum chassis, the difference being the walnut side panels. The aluminum chassis are pre-drilled for the mounting hardware which is also supplied with the chassis. Below are some photos of the 1444-32CWW aluminum chassis.

The side panels are held in place on each side with two screws. The photos of the 1441 chassis below show how the wodden side panels are attached to the chassis. Also included with the chassis (not show in the photos) are four little clear plastic adhesive feet that stick to the wood side panels.

Hammond 1441 CWW Painted Steel Chassis with Walnut Side Panels
Likewise, the new 1441 CWW steel chassis are essentially the same as the 1441 series chassis, but with the additional walnut side panels. The steel chassis are also pre-drilled for side panel mounting. The photos below show the 1441-16BK3CWW chassis and how the side panels are attached to the steel chassis.

The wooden side panels are made from a solid piece of Walnut. And yes, the side panels do cover the spot welds on the aluminum chassis. I'm pretty excited about these new and attractive chassis and will likely be using many of them in the future.

For more information about the new chassis, see the New and Attractive Hammond Chassis! thread on the forum.

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  1. I just love Hammond chassis, they are the only ones I use for every thing, including my laptop power supply.