08 September 2009

Push-Pull Compactron Amp using TV Tubes

Pete Millett has a new Hi-Fi vacuum tube amplifier project on his website which is refereed to as: The "Engineer's Amplifier" - a distortion canceling push-pull amp using cheap TV tubes (!). The amplifier consists of a 2-stage push-pull pentode design that puts out a little under 20 Watts. The driver stage uses a pair of 6CB6 pentodes in a differential amp configuration with a ICP10M45S CCS. The output stage uses compactron TV sweep tubes (6JN6 or 6JM6 / 6GV5). The output bias is set so that the amp remains in class A1 operation until about 10 watts where it enters class AB1.

6JN6 / 6JM6 / 6GV5 Compactron Push Pull Tube Amp
A solid state power supply comprised of silicon rectifiers and a MOSFET ripple filter with no chokes which helps keeps cost down. The power transformers and audio output transformers are from Edcor who make great quality iron at a reasonable price.

Compactron Push-Pull Hi-Fi Vacuum Tube Amplifier
As you can see, this will not be a simple amplifier to construct using point-to-point techniques. Fortunately Pete is selling printed circuit boards on eBay for $50US (September 2009) - search eBay for "The Engineer's Amplifier" or user: pmillett.

Full details for Pete's latest project the DCPP Amp are available on his website.

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