08 January 2009

Seas Drivers and Granite Loudspeaker Box

I've seen some pretty sharp looking diy speaker projects on the net, but these guys take the cake.

DIY Granite Speakers
The enclosure for these great looking and unique speakers is made out of 20 mm thick black granite. Yup, granite. Once finished, each loudspeaker checks in at about 35 kg so you don't want to drop these. The speakers were put together by Radoslav and his friends in Slovakia. The speaker enclosure is a 15L bass reflex design that is tuned to 45 Hz through a rear firing port. The drivers were sourced from Seas and consist of a G17REX/P woofer and 27 TFFC tweeter. The dividing network is second order at 2500 Hz.

Granite Speaker Box
The measured frequency response is very flat and shows surprising low end response despite that enclosure size is relatively small size. Radoslav reports that the finished speakers sound and look great.

Granite Speakers Seas G17REX/P Woofer 27 TFFC Tweeter
See the
DIY Granite Speaker project page for full details. Obviously there are very few of you that will have the resources to replicate this project, but it is nice to look at and there is no reason why it should work well using more practical enclosure material like wood.

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  1. Wow they are really nice speakers !

    what a great project