13 October 2008

DIY Jordan JX92S Tower Speaker

Gary from the United States has put together a fantastic looking pair of tower loudspeakers. His speaker project uses the Jordan JX92S Fullrange Driver which I have used myself and is a fantastic fullrange driver.

The fullrange JX92S speaker is housed in a vented enclosure with a volume of about 1.3 cubic feet and a box tuning of about 35 Hz. As you can see, Gary has done a great job with the finish on the DIY speaker cabinets. The enclosure is constructed using Baltic birch plywood and finished with maple and walnut veneer and a tung oil stain.

Gary reports that the Jordan JX92S drivers can deliver a lot of bass which is uncommon for fullrange drivers of this size class. He also indicates that the speakers sound great, open, tight, fast and as expected, image like crazy. The nice thing about these drivers is that they can also handle all types of music without any signs of strain.

For additional information, pictures and enclosure design, see the Jordan JX92S Tower Loudspeaker Page.

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  1. this hifi-system looks awesome - if it sounds like it looks - well! :-)