08 May 2007

Tobler-ONE: Jordan JX92S MLTL Speaker

Here is a fine looking Mass Loaded Transmission Line (MLTL) loudspeaker enclosure for the Jordan JX92S fullrange driver that has been put together by Francesco. The enclosure cross-section is trapezoidal and thus this speaker lends itself very well to corner placement. With the tall and narrow baffle, combined with corner placement, this loudspeaker has a high WAF, while not sacrificing the low frequency response.

DIY Jordan JX92S MLTL Project
To match the room decor, the enclosure has been constructed using beech plywood. The result is a fine looking loudspeaker with aesthetic appeal and great sonic qualities. Fantastic work Francesco.

Jordan JX92S T-Line, single driver loudspeaker
For more information about this DIY Speaker Project, see the Tobler-ONE: DIY Jordan JX92S T-Line, single driver loudspeaker project.

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