08 May 2007

Tobler-ONE: Jordan JX92S MLTL Speaker

Here is a fine looking Mass Loaded Transmission Line (MLTL) loudspeaker enclosure for the Jordan JX92S fullrange driver that has been put together by Francesco. The enclosure cross-section is trapezoidal and thus this speaker lends itself very well to corner placement. With the tall and narrow baffle, combined with corner placement, this loudspeaker has a high WAF, while not sacrificing the low frequency response.

DIY Jordan JX92S MLTL Project
To match the room decor, the enclosure has been constructed using beech plywood. The result is a fine looking loudspeaker with aesthetic appeal and great sonic qualities. Fantastic work Francesco.

Jordan JX92S T-Line, single driver loudspeaker
For more information about this DIY Speaker Project, see the Tobler-ONE: DIY Jordan JX92S T-Line, single driver loudspeaker project.

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01 May 2007

"Beauty" - A 12AX7 Tube Preamplifier

To accompany his recent LM3875 DIY Chip Amplifier (gainclone) project, Bruce has put together a DIY 12AX7 Tube Preamplifier Kit to drive the chip amp. He has named the tube preamp "Beauty", as it sweetened the sound of his LM3875 Chip Amplifier.

12AX7 Tube Preamplifier Kit
For the enclosure, Bruce used a readily available plastic and aluminum project box from Radio Shack. This is the same enclosure he used for the LM3875 Chip Amp. The photograph below shows the Tube Preamp and Chip amp together.

12AX7 Tube Preamp and LM3875 Chipamp
Similar to what Mark discovered with this economical (read dirt cheap) tube preamplifier kit is that you get a very quiet preamp that can compete with ones that cost much more. For more information about this project, see Bruce's project page, "Beauty" - A DIY 12AX7 Tube Preamplifier Kit.

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