06 November 2006

Grado SR80 Headphones

Originally Posted: 17 April 2006
After reading a few articles at the HeadWize forums, I got the headphone bug and figured I needed a new pair. I spent a little time researching headphones on the net, and the Grado line of headphones, particularly the SR60 and SR80 were getting good reviews relative to their cost..

Grado SR80 Headphones

So I went headed off to the local Hi-Fi shop and gave a few "cans" a good listen. I did not want to break the bank, so I concentrated on the Grado line of headphones. I listened to the SR60, SR80, SR125 and SR225. As one would expect, they generally got better as you moved up the line. The SR60s seems to have the best bass of the bunch, but seemed a little dry in the midrange. To my ears, the differences between the SR80 and the SR125/SR225 were subtle, so I went with the SR80. If you prefer music with more of a thump, the SR60 are an excellent choice and also the lowest cost of the bunch.

A comparison of the measured frequency response (by headphone.com) is shown in the plot below.
Grado SR60 / SR80 / SR125 / SR225 Headphone Frequency Response Plot
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