09 July 2007

K-502 Valve Amplifier Kit

It is no surprise seeing another build of the S-5 Electronics Tube Amplifier Kits. These valve amplifier kits are inexpensive, simple to build, fun and best of all, they sound great.

Pictured below is Scott's build of the inexpensive and popular K-502 Tube Amplifier Kit and Enclosure. The enclosure for this tube amp looks fantastic. Great attention to detail.

K-502 Tube Amplifier KitScott only made a few changes to the circuit board; replacing the stock 0.22 uF polyester film caps with good quality Orange Drop capacitors. I lived with a stock build of the S-5 Electronics K-12M Tube Amplifier Kit for a while and I can tell you that this kit does sound very good in stock form. Scott also replaced the standard volume potentiometer with a good quality stepped attenuator.

For additional information and pictures of this tube amp project, see Scott's K-502 Tube Amplifier Kit and Enclosure page.

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04 July 2007

DIY Class A Mosfet Amp

Shown below is Jochem's first DIY Audio Project, a build of Mark's DIY Class A 2SK1058 Mosfet Amplfier project.

DIY 2SK2221 MOSFET Amplifier
Jochem's build of this very simple Class A Mosfet amplifier uses the 2SK2221 Mosfet instead of the 2SK1058 that Mark used. The power supply has been modified slightly and uses two large toroid chokes for good filtering. The photographs below show the finished amplifier.

Single Ended Class A Mosfet Amplifier
DIY Class A MOSFET Aplifier Project
Jochem is very pleased with the results of his first audio project and is looking forward to completing more DIY Audio Projects in the future.

For additional information, pictures and schematics, see the complete project writeup of Jochem's DIY Class A 2SK2221 Mosfet Amplifier Project.

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