24 May 2010

Giveaway #4 - K282 Tube Based Stereo RIAA Preamplifier Kit

Branko of Oatley Electronics has graciously donated a couple of their K282 Tube Based Stereo RIAA Preamplifier Kits for giveaway through the diyAudioProjects.com website.  The K282 tube phono preamp kit includes a power supply and retails for $47AU (May 2010) - see the photos below.

Earlier this month Mark shared his is experience with the 6418 Tube RIAA Phono Preamplifier Kit (Oatley Electronics K282 and showed off some of his builds of the kit.  Mark has indicated that the kit delivers an enjoyable performance at a low price.

We will be giving one kit away through the DIY Audio Projects Blog and one kit through DIY Audio Projects Forum.  See below for the giveaway details.

The winner of the K282 tube phono preamp kit for the blog giveaway will be randomly selected from our RSS Email Subscription list on 7 June 2010.  In order to qualify for Giveaway #4, make sure you are signed up to the RSS email feed.  Note that the verification email often ends up in the spam folder so be sure to check there after you have signed up to verify your subscription.  The randomly selected winner will be contacted through email for their shipping details and the kit will be sent directly to the winner from Oatley Electronics in Australia.

We will also be giving away one kit through the forum.  To participate in the forum giveaway (and double your chances of wining), see the Giveaway #4 thread.

Good Luck!

K282 RIAA Tube Amp Kit Links

02 May 2010

DIY Tube RIAA Phono Preamplifier Kit

Last year Mark built a number of the Oatley Electronics K272 tube headphone amp kits and he has recently got his hands on the new Oatley Electronics K282 Tube Based Stereo RIAA Preamplifier Kits.  The kit is for moving magnet (MM) cartridges.  The inexpensive kit costs $47AU (about $44US, $44CDN, $33EU, 29GBP) and includes a power supply.

Like the headphone amplifier kit, the phono preamp kit is based around new old stock (NOS) Raytheon JAN 6418 sub-miniature pentode tubes.  The circuit is a tube hybrid with FET stages and a SMPS.

The kit is built on a through-hole PCB and also includes a "universal" 5V power supply that will operate pretty much everywhere.  You will have to provide your own audio connections (RCA jacks) and an enclosure.  As Mark notes, for best performance you will need to pay special attention to controlling vibration and mechanical noises as the sub-miniature tubes are extremely microphonic.

    Mark reports that the inexpensive kit is a good performer.  With the low cost of the kit, this is a great low voltage kit for those interested in tube or phono audio.  Read about Mark's experience with the phono preamp kit and his tips for reducing tube microphonics in the diy 6418 tube RIAA phono preamplifier kit review (Oatley Electronics K282). 

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